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About Mzuqa Dance Fitness

Mzuqa embraces natural rhythmic beats, tempos, and transitions to seamlessly flow from one move
to the next strengthening the heart, while toning and building core strength.

Since 2015, Mzuqa Dance Fitness has attracted a substantial and passionate following across Nairobi. The popularity of the “Keep moving” campaign has expanded beyond the studios to support corporate wellness activities, public events and dance marathons. The success of the company is thanks largely to its founders, Dennis Odhiambo and Willy Koech, whose enthusiasm and love for dance has been coupled with their experience as professional dancers.

Having started their career at the internationally-recognized Sarakasi Trust, they have since featured in numerous performances and music videos, both internationally and locally. Mzuqa dance relies upon a dynamic team of qualified and vetted instructors available to ensure an appropriate instructor is available to meet your needs.

Corporate clients have included Safaricom PLC and Bank of Africa, while special events and/or classes have been held at popular and accessible venues across Nairobi, including: Aim Global Fitness, Carnivore, Fulana Sports at All Saints Cathedral, Impala Club, Karen Surgery, Nature Touch, Parklands Sports Club, Serena Hotel's Maisha Gym, Silver Springs Hotel,Next Gen Gym, Weston Hotel among Others.

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Mzuga Dance Fitness Packages

We offer the following group packages at affordable corporate rates which may be tailored to your needs

Weekly group exercise classes

(Mzuqa Dance only) Weekly or bi-weekly workouts offered to staff by Mzuqa team instructors either at your organization’s venue or a nearby facility.

Weekly schedule comprising a variety of workout classes

In addition to Mzuqa Dance, we can offer a tailor made weekly schedule incorporating a range of classes such as AEROBICS, INSANITY, YOGA, TAE BO, BODY CONDITIONING AND TONING.

Individualized personal training

Mzuqa is equipped to offer one-on-one trainings by certified instructors either at your company’s premises or nearby facilities.

Team building exercises

We are available to join your organization’s staff retreats or other events to animate team building exercises to boost staff morale and improve teamwork .

Employee family events

Whether your company is planning an end of the year family event, a “bring your kids to work day,” or other special event geared towards the entire family, Mzuqa Dance will create a fun exercise program for everyone.

Dance performances at corporate events

The Mzuqa team is also available to perform at corporate events which would like to embrace a particular theme night, such as African dance or Traditional Kenyan Dances

Benefits of Mzuqa Dance Fitness

Today’s employees spend more time seated behind a desk than any generation before us. They also spend additional hours sitting in some form of motorized transport necessary to get to and from the office, leaving less time for exercise and maintaining healthy eating habits. Studies from world-renowned universities and research facilities consistently highlight the mental and physical benefits of exercise, and specifically from dance-based workouts. In addition to the cardio and toning advantages, depending upon the intensity applied, one 60 minute Mzuqa class burns between 400 and 1,000 calories on average—more than typical cardio kickboxing or step aerobics classes. You care about your employees and you want them to thrive so they can give their all to your business during working hours. Health insurance and retirement savings benefits are a wonderful start, but they don’t target employees’ overall well-being alone. Introducing Mzuqa Dance to the workplace gives employees the additional energy and enthusiasm central to boosting employee productivity and morale to the benefit of your company or organization, as well as your employees’ overall health.

Benefits to the company 
(Improved company performance)

Increases productivity

Improves group dynamics and the ability to function in a team

Reduces stress levels

Boosts employee mood

Enhances staff health and well-being

Benefits to the employee  (Improved employee well-being)

Helps improve cardiovascular health

Strengthens key muscle groups

Keeps excess weight at bay

Enhances endurance and flexibility

Tones muscles

Improves concentration


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Mzuqa Dance Fitness Team

Meet our Founders

Dennis Odhiambo

Founder and Fitness Trainer

Willy Koech

Founder and Fitness Trainer

A fun and energetic dance-based workout, Mzuqa is inspiring Nairobians to get and keep moving to achieve their fitness goals. Blending African music and dance together with thoughtful choreography provides a full body workout. Mzuqa embraces natural rhythmic beats, tempos, and transitions to seamlessly flow from one move to the next strengthening the heart, while toning and building core strength.

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